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Shoe Size Conversion

Shoe size conversion is very important for online shoppers. In order to buy comfortable shoes you need to know two things: the exact size of your foot and how to match it with shoe size chart of a given brand. This process is also know like shoe size conversion and might sound like a simple task, but considering the fact that we buy sandals, shoes and boots from different European, USA and Australian manufacturers having its own shoe size charts your online shopping experience might face certain difficulties.

Good shoe size conversion charts should include at least UK, US and European shoe sizing parameters. A big plus is when shoe size conversion takes your foot size into account. This is an essential parameter that makes shoe size conversion process easy and effective.

Here at myshoesizeconversion.com we collect the shoe size conversion charts used by the most popular footwear brands. In case the brand you are looking for haven’t been listed yet, use our universal shoe size conversion tables.

Shoe Size Conversion for Women

Keep in mind that shoe size conversion tables are different for women and men. Make sure you are using correct shoe size conversion chart if you want to get usable results.

Shoe Size Conversion for Men

In order to use these tables correctly it is essential to know your foot size. We have prepared step-by-step instructions for you on how to measure your foot. Remember that you foot size is a key to successful shoe size conversion, so it might be a good idea to spend 5 minutes of your free time to calculate your foot size before ordering shoes online.

If you usually buy footwear at ASOS, we have ASOS shoe size conversion charts designed specifically for ASOS branded footwear.

Many online stores don’t specify half sizes. What should you do in case shoe size conversion chart tells you to take UK 7.5 but your shop only has UK7 and UK8? General rule here is to go up to the next full size (UK 8 in our case).

And lastly, don’t forget to share your shoe size conversion knowledge with your familiy and friends. It is not so easy to buy footwear online but our shoe size conversion charts will make this process much easier. Happy shopping! ;)

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